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KIT NXR 336 - CB300R
KIT NXR 336 - CB300R

KIT NXR 336 - CB300R

MRP 6003.00

Product Features

  • Suitable Motorcycle : CB 300R
  • Front Sprocket (Z) : 14T Rear Sprocket (Z) : 34T
  • Number of Chain Links :106
  • Extended performance/Solid bush/'X' ring chain
  • Designed for pro biking and Racing
  • Compatible with all terrains

Front Sprocket

S 02 468/FB - 14 Teeth

Rear Sprocket

S 01 927 - 34 Teeth



Front Sprocket

  • Reliable with high performance & longer life.
  • Smooth operation & higher transmission accuracy.
  • Anti-resistant coating with Superior quality.
  • Anti-wear performance which lets vehicle move with full power.
  • Produced with Hi-Tech accurate machining which reduces noise and provides smoother riding.
  • The fitment of the product is as per OE specification.
  • Heat treated and hand finished to perfection.
  • Every sprocket goes through 18 production stages and 15 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the manufacturing facility.

Rear Sprocket

  • Sprockets are manufactured from carbon steel material with duly induction hardened teeth.
  • Sprockets are only made using the best available materials.
  • Zinc coating to provide better rust prevention.
  • Induction hardening to improve wear resistance with outstanding performance.
  • Shot blasted sprockets with improved surface fatigue strength.
  • Sprockets are made of best surface protection treatment which enables to withstand dust and muddy ride with ease.
  • Sprockets are of made with best position accuracy to ensure better fitment capabilities.
  • Good surface finish that makes ride smoother.

Pack Contents one Rear Sprocket,Front Sprocket,Chain